​Liebreiz is the way to set the stage for tailor-made sculptures, executed with great taste of design and the customer’s desire at the heart of everything we do.

Our company’s name is the multi-faceted German word for Grace and Charm. This designation was purposefully chosen in order to put the word into action as our products and services are defined by a graceful creations and charming finishes, based on our Central European values where high quality and sophisticated pieces are the only final result we accept.


Our purpose is to bring the individual desires of our clients into existence by crafting a durable and unique product where no piece is like the other and where clients can contribute with their individuality to each item.

There is a great level of passion and dedication put into our work, and we are only satisfied with the final creation if the clients' aspirations are fully met.


Backed by many years of experience, we know the best way to merge light with an outstanding design. The excellent look we strive for is achieved with either sophisticated light sources or natural daylight. ​


Bringing our products to life requires not only outstanding materials and highly precise work but a vast knowledge around execution. Our agile team bring multiple years of experience and awareness in the architectural market and great passion for what we do.


The two company founders, Alexander and Armando, gained their knowledge and experience by working for a well-known player in the luxury industry.

Alexander has more than 20 years of experience in execution of high-end residential as well as large-scaled yachting and commercial projects.

„Every project is unique and often means a new challenge, that makes my job so exciting.“

Armando studied interior design and works more than 10 years with private owners and interior designers on high-end projects.

„I see myself as a partner for my clients, trust and realibility are the key for long-term relationships.“

Our people, their history and passion is what enables Liebreiz to be a unique partner in a specialized industry where sensibility, expertise, focus and dedication are the key ingredients to achieve and deliver for our clients.