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Our company name, Liebreiz, is the German word for grace and charm. It represents the varied nature of light itself and is reflected in discerning creations and elegant finishes. Behind it are deep-rooted European values such as quality and refinement, values that are shared by every one of our partners in our trusted network of lighting experts


The allure of light is impossible to resist. For us, it represents so many things, from hope to inspiration, wisdom to comfort. When illuminating spaces, we set the scene for memorable experiences. For this reason, all of our pieces are designed to inspire and delight, to spark wonder and joy, and to be as unique as your aspirations.


Crystal is one of the oldest and most beloved materials used for lighting. The way it comes to life through light is quite unique and beautifully enhanced by high-precision crystal cuts. Expertly combined with polished or matte metals, the use of crystal enables the design of contemporary yet timeless heirlooms that will bring wonder and joy to generation after generation.


Create something that is as unique as you are and let your personal style and story shine through at every stage of the process, from the design of a custom solution to the meticulous installation of your new masterpiece. Truly understanding your aspirations enables us to create a one-ofa-kind design that originates in the heart of the Alps, inspired by nature. Our designs surpass trends and reflects the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its creators.


As people, we couldn't be more different, but as a team, we share a passion: Our Passion for Light. All three have amassed a seemingly endless wealth of know-how and inspiration having worked for luxury brands on high-end projects all over the world. Residential and commercial spaces, yachts, private homes, hospitality venues - you name it, they've worked on it.


"Over the course of our careers, we have worked on myriad projects, but no two projects are ever the same. That's what I love about this industry - the challenges and excitement that come with the job." Alexander, CoFounder

"We don't work with customers or clients. We work with partners who trust each other and rely on each other's opinions and know-how to form relationships that often last a lifetime." Armando, Co-Founder


Have you ever wondered where the real masters of crystal call home? Or whose job it is to assemble a masterpiece that will light up your life and create joy and wonder for years to come? We know these people very well. We have worked with some of them for more than a decade, such as our assembly experts and the creative masterminds in the central European home of crystal.

Ultimately, it's our long -standing and trusted network of partners all over Europe that enables us to leave nothing to chance. After all, we are perfectionists just like you.